Messaging Solutions for Healthcare Facilities and Professionals

Staying Connected with your Patients is Paramount

Blue Otter is dedicated to helping healthcare facilities and professionals effectively communicate with their patients. Because healthcare offices often experience large volumes of traffic day in and day out, it is important that they are able to speak with their patients quickly and without confusion. For this reason, our team is here to help your patients receive the updates and information they need on a regular basis.

Blue Otter can offer you help with the following:

  • Communicate time-sensitive information
  • Support Wellness Plans
  • Improve patient follow-up
  • Share special promotional offers

Learn more about how we can advance your healthcare facility and practice by contacting a Blue Otter team member.

How We Can Help

Blue Otter understands that the most important part of the healthcare industry is caring for the well-being of patients. At times you find the need to share office updates, remind patients of important upcoming dates, and follow-up on post procedure habits and more. Our customized applications and technologies allow you to communicate with your clients through:

  • Ringless Voicemails: Don’t want to bother someone at work or during dinner? With our Ring-less Voicemail technology, you can leave a voice message detailing important information to all your patients at once, which they can listen to when they are free.
  • Text Messages: Most people prefer to communicate via text messaging. Our technology allows you to quickly share information or reminders, in the form of one-way or interactive two-way text messages.
  • Social Media Accounts: Many people receive information and communicate through social media applications, like Facebook and Twitter. Structured and handled properly these can be valuable tools for patient support and client feedback.
  • Email Programs: With mobile devices, most people have access to their email accounts via their cellphones. Our design team understand both stationary and mobile needs. Our email system is designed to allow you to communicate with your patients through informative and well-designed email campaigns that allow you to share complex information.

If you would like more information regarding Blue Otter’s turn-key solutions, get in touch with a team member. We can help you share information quickly and effectively!