Messaging Solutions for Retail & Service Businesses

Promotional alerts are a great way to get your business name out there, entice customers to pay you a visit, and grow your customer database. No matter what type of business you have, you will find that you can vitalize your store on slow days with things like time-sensitive promos and coupons for exclusive money-saving deals. The more you engage your customer base, the more you can expect your sales to increase! Blue Otter will help you develop opt-in programs, plan communications, organize promotions and more.

Alert your customers via text message, automated calls, email, or social media with the following:

  • Coupons
  • Promotional offers
  • Event announcements
  • Loyalty programs
  • In-stock notifications

Grow Your Business with Communication

Blue Otter’s messaging Solutions are smart ideas for most types of businesses:

  • Clothing Retailers
  • Beauty Salons, Barber Shops and Spas
  • Landscaping Businesses
  • Hiring Firms
  • Transportation Businesses
  • Consulting Firms
  • Cleaning Services
  • Freelance Businesses
  • Home Services
  • And More

Why Partner with Blue Otter?

Blue Otter Solutions is a messaging industry leader with more than 20 years of marketing experience. We provide turn-key customized solutions designed to meet your unique needs combined with outstanding service, guidance, and monitoring throughout the life of your campaigns. We recognize the rapid pace at which today’s businesses operate and are fully prepared to create and execute agile strategies to help you soar above your competition. While you focus on taking care of your business, you can rely on Blue Otter to take care of your messaging needs. Utilizing multiple communication channels and tactics, you can communicate with your customers via a mobile device at key moments of importance or craft an impactful, complex message meant for longevity. Messaging campaigns with the Blue Otter team are an effective way to help drive traffic through your doors.

Contact the Blue Otter team for information on how our customized messaging strategies can help grow YOUR business.