Messaging Solutions for Utilities

Keeping Them Informed Keeps You Compliant

Whether a problem arises or you need to remind them of a scheduled event, communicating with your customers is vitally important. At Blue Otter we understand it is important for utility companies to provide their customers with information in a quick and effective manner. Our team has designed customized, world-class applications to help water districts, natural gas companies, waste management providers, electric suppliers, and electric cooperatives communicate important updates, news, and other information such as:

  • Shut-off Notifications
  • Water Boil Alerts
  • Safety Surveys
  • Payment Collection Calls
  • Brownout Warnings
  • Watering Restriction Notifications
  • Power Events

We can improve the communication concepts of your utility company, keep your customers informed, and help things run more smoothly. We are backed by years of experience and we make communicating easy! Contact the Blue Otter team to find out how we can help YOUR utility.

How Blue Otter Can Help You Relay Important Information

Our Otters are committed to improving the efficiency of your utility by creating innovative communication solutions. We recognize the pace at which you operate and have created applications that allow you to contact and connect with your customers in the following ways:

  • Text Messaging: With their phone within reach 24/7, your customers can more readily and rapidly receive safety alerts or service interruption notices using Text Messaging. Our customized applications allow you to communicate with your customers by using an immediate communication channel.
  • Emailing: Most people have immediate access to their email accounts via their mobile device or check their accounts daily. We have created a system that allows your company to relay complex information through automated emails.
  • Ringless Voicemail: Although phone calls can be effective sources of communication, receiving calls is not always convenient. Our Ringless Voicemail program is designed to allow your utility to relay voice messages directly into a customer’s voicemail, bypassing the repeated ringing of the phone.
  • Contact Center: When automated communications don’t make the cut, let our Otters handle your inbound and outbound calls, text, chat, and emails. Our agents can help you handle your call spikes, after-hour calls, or all your support and sales calls directly. We can assist any size utility from a shared pool of agents to dedicated pods of agents. Let us share why we are tops when it comes to our conversion center solutions

To learn more about how our Otter Team can help your utility communicate easier and more effectively with your customers, give us a call!