We believe that examining and understanding an issue from all angles is the best way to solve a problem. It’s how we approach the obstacles our customers face as well as our own business hurdles. 

Our crew of hungry, resourceful entrepreneurs use their extensive franchise marketing background and approach each new client opportunity with the same curiosity and desire for understanding that we apply to our own business.

We are researchers, marketers, sales-makers, dream-chasers and goal-diggers.

We are former franchise Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers who spent years working in marketing, franchise development and operations on both the corporate side and as vendors. We understand the struggles that come with handling multiple vendors. We know the balancing act of trying out new tactics and maintaining franchisee support. Our toolbox is equipped with experiences that only come from being in your shoes, learning from our mistakes and optimizing our successes. We look forward to sharing our hard-won knowledge-base with you.

What is a Blue Otter, anyhow?

There are many reasons we picked the otter to represent our team and our company. Otters are notoriously curious and clever. In fact, they are one of the smartest species on the planet. They use different and often ingenious methods to solve problems. They work at an issue until they figure out a solution, just like us. Also, otters are amazing partners. When otters sleep, they hold hands so they don’t drift apart and float away. We aren’t a fly-by-night vendor; we are in it for the long-haul and will help guide you every step fo the way, holding your hand (if you want.) Finally, otters really enjoy having fun and kicking up their heels – they are truly our spirit animal.

Contact us today to get started!

At Blue Otter Solutions our goal is to take the inconvenience and stress out of customer and team communications. In part, we achieve this goal by providing you with options. No matter the scope of your project, we have the experience and talent to find the perfect solution.

Blue Otter delivered on time and on budget. They exceeded our expectations. Beyond successfully delivering assets based on the project brief, they brought additional actionable insights to the table. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with new innovative projects. They’ve had the capacity to create exactly what I was visualizing and I’m very excited about what we can do next..

– Tamara
Franchise Development Marketing Manager, Tutor Doctor®