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Blue Otter is a messaging solutions company providing the groundbreaking tools, technology and know-how needed to allow effortless customer communication. Utilizing a variety of communication channels and strategies, we have created effective ways for our clients to connect and engage with whomever they want, whenever they want. Whether you need to share time-sensitive information, advertise promotions, or offer first-rate customer support, we provide solutions you need to get your customized message delivered quickly.

Whether it’s paper contacts, email communication or text connections, our turn-key solutions allow you to easily engage with existing or potential customers. We have developed proven customized solutions for utilities, small businesses, large corporate clients and franchisors. No matter your size attracting new customers and retaining current clients is always the goal. We work with you to develop and support virtually any type of interactive messaging campaign, giving you the ability to effortlessly connect with your desired audience, whenever you wish.

At Blue Otter our professionals are always right there swimming with you.

What can Blue Otter do for you?

Voice Messaging

Ringless Voicemail

SMS Text Messaging

Outbound Live Agent Calls

Inbound Customer Support


Connecting the Right People at the Right Moments

For most of your customers, their preferred communication method is their mobile device. How are you staying connected and engaged with these customers? Having robust messaging channels is only part of the answer … knowing what to do with them is just as important. Our expert team works tirelessly and has several decades of collective hands-on experience managing thousands of campaigns for small to midsized and Fortune 500 companies. We have the talent and agility to provide solutions for a variety of issues. Where others see barriers, we see options to explore.

Our Customers

  • Healthcare

    Ensure your important and pertinent
    information gets out quickly

  • Utilities

    Rapidly send essential information out
    to your desired customers

  • Franchisors

    Deliver unique messaging to multiple
    customers all at once

  • Retail &

    Effortlessly send customized messaging or advertise promotions

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About Our Otters

Why Otters? … Our answer is simple. The Blue Otter team is a group of people who care. We care about each other. We care about our customers. As individuals and as a team, we are curious and love to explore new things and ideas. Like otters, our people enjoy communicating and engaging with others. In work and in play, our team members portray positive energy, adaptability, and an overall good-natured attitude. In an industry that is continuously growing and changing, we believe there is always room for improvement, and we are constantly tweaking and creating better solutions. Blue Otter is always on the move looking for new channels to explore.